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ethos 2016


All things in creation have a fundamental purpose; to foster moral well-being and promote harmony and unity. This in truth is an essential aspect of artistic purpose.

Beauty is a means to a higher end. Through its attracting power, one is drawn into a loving state of being, gains a heightened awareness of the spiritual facets of humanity, hence a deeper knowledge of one's inner most self. This process facilitates spiritual growth.

As humans, we must continually strive to progress not only physically,  but also mental and spiritual capacities.

Pleasure is inherent in the appreciation of anything well made, but to yield pleasure is not the highest end of art. The artist's highest aspiration is to be of service to humanity.

The artist is a kind of educator who seeks to help ennoble the hearts of those who partake of his/her art, and to insight gleanings and reflections from its content.

Morality does not need to be openly proclaimed in art. Its presence may be subtle. However, the artist who fails to merely consider the moral implications of his/her work, and the moral effect it may have on society, is failing in his/her responsibility to the world.

Freedom of expression is a basic human right, but in the arts it should be combined with a sense of moral/spiritual responsibility. Self-expression in art is not an end in itself, or even a means to an end. It is simply an adjunct of service.


The belief in the creation of art as a spiritual process, and recognition of the duality of the human existence, both physical and incorporeal, are crucial components in my work.

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